Sonic Whole Body Vibration Training offers up to an hour’s worth of exercise in just ten minutes using the Science of Sound!!

Sonic Whole Body Vibration Training stimulates every part of your body encouraging wellness, recovery and rehabilitation.

The Ten2 Wellness workout utilizes the science of sound to yield exponential results safely and effectively for busy people of all shapes and sizes including seniors with disabilities and serious athletes too.

Invest Ten minutes for exponential results!
Call or text to make an appointment: 434-466-1505
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Hours: Monday to Friday by fifteen-minute appointment.

  • We run on time!
  • Training sessions are only ten minutes.
  • No need to change your clothes or take a shower.
  • Simply remove your shoes and you’re ready to train.
  • Ample free parking
  • Wheelchair accessible

Try it you’ll like it!
Video Clip Why Joan Rough LOVES SWBVT